LightJason is a concurrent BDI multi-agent framework for creating multi-agent systems with Java.

Multi-agent systems are generally considered a sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence. We try to create a framework which allows to add AI algorithms to an existing software architecture as a mainly side-effect free programming language. The framework combines classical Artificial Intelligence methods with optimisation and fuzzy-logics concepts on a high-scalable concurrency architecture.

The project is inspired by AgentSpeak(L) and Jason, but designed and implemented from scratch. LightJason is fine-tuned to concurrent plan execution suitable for distributed computing environments and aims at efficient and scalable integration with existing platforms. As a language to design agents, this framework uses AgentSpeak(L++), a modular extension of AgentSpeak(L), including new features, e.g.

LightJason is developed by using state-of-the-art software development technologies.

One of our main objective is to publish a framework which can be used in productive systems and is understandable also for non-computer scientists. We try to close the gap between modelling aspects, performance and scalability, and human-understandable cleanly written source code.

Feedback and User Contribution

We welcome any constructive feedback. If you think there is anything missing or wish to contribute to our documentation feel free to contact us.

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