In this section, we introduce LightJason/AgentSpeak(L++) from a hands-on perspective by providing tutorials for understanding the practical applications of our framework.

Basic Tutorials

Having basic knowledge about the belief–desire–intention model of multi-agent systems and understanding of logic programming concepts, i.e. Prolog, as well as Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Java is helpful (but not strictly required) to follow our tutorials.

  1. Develop an AgentSpeak Scenario in 15 Minutes is a minimal example for developing an agent scenario in 15 minutes (or so ;-) from scratch with the current developer source codes of AgentSpeak.
  2. How to Build AgentSpeak from Source is an (optional) guide on how to build AgentSpeak from source. A pre-built package can be obtained via maven central.
  3. Trigger is a tutorial that shows you how to control the execution of an agent
  4. Actions is a tutorial that teaches you how to define your own actions
  5. Communication is a tutorial on how to realise communication
  6. Environment is a tutorial to create an environment (which is not necessarily required in LightJason)