Advanced Knowledge: Failing is Intentional

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Deliberate Failing on Different Levels

Produced by OmniGraffle 7.4.2 dc:date2017-09-18 14:45:54 +0000/dc:dateKnowledgebase - FailingLayer 1!main.triggers-!plan3 <--!plan2 <--!plan1 <-.+!plan3 <-+!plan2 <-+!plan1 <-.on failurerepairfailedplanstriggersretry/resumeStrategicTacticalaction1(): boolreturn false<<action2(): boolreturn false<<action3(): boolreturn trueon failon failOperationalrepair failedactionsexecute actions!plan2;!plan3;action1()<<action2()<<action3()rollback_action1();!planreturn on successreturn if action3 fails => !plan1 fails

  • Strategic

  • Tactical

  • Operational

Tactical Level: Repair Plans

Operational Level: Explicit Repair Actions

Plans to Big to Fail: @atomic