Advanced Knowledge: Plan Triggering Techniques

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! vs !!

The order of execution (parallel, sequential) of sub-plans, triggered inside their parent plan differs depending on the trigger symbol ! or !!:

  • The trigger !planname marks a plan +!planname to be executed in the next cycle → postponed execution.

Note: Adding !planname multiple times in one cycle will result in +!planname to be executed only once in the next cycle because the same trigger gets only added once.

  • In contrast, !!planname executes the matching plan in this (read: the same) cycle → immediate execution.

Note: As every plan body is executed sequentially, for each given !!planname the plan +!planname will be executed in that sequence.
For advanced users: With the annotation @parallel a plan can be modified to execute all plan-body statements in parallel (see → parallel annotations).

If the plan signature +!planname contains a variable N, e.g. +!planname(N), multiple different instances of triggers will be created (one for each unique N).


Consider the following AgentSpeak(L++) plan +!largerThan5(N) where N must be larger than 5 for the plan to succeed:

  : X > 5 <-
    generic/print(X, "is larger than 5")

  : X <= 5 <-
    generic/print(X, "is NOT larger than 5");

Notice the fail statement in the X <= 5 branch, which will result in the plan to fail. This is intended to show different execution behaviour.

Postponed Execution

For example, having a plan-body containing


with different variables, two individual trigger instances will be created and queued for execution in the next cycle. The result will be two plans (one for N = 3 and the second for N = 23) to be run in parallel in the next cycle, yielding

3.0   is NOT larger than 5
23.0   is larger than 5

(The order of output might differ due to concurrency effects.)

Immediate Execution

Whereas, having a plan-body containing


the two plans will be executed immediately chained in the given order, i.e. +!largerThan5(23)+!largerThan5(3).

Note: If denoted and executed in opposite order


the output will be just

3.0   is NOT larger than 5

because the plan +!largerThan5(3) fails (as intended).

Further execution in the current plan-context stops, i.e +!largerThan5(23) will not be executed and the parent plan will also fail (see → Failing is Intentional on how to handle failing → actions and sub-plans).

Duplicated Triggers

Adding the same trigger multiple time yields different results depending on delayed execution ! and immediate execution !!.


will yield (despite plan parameters resulting in succeeding plans)

23.0   is NOT larger than 5

to be printed only once as previously explained.

This could be avoided by defining one or both plans to be executed in the this cycle, e.g.


will execute the plan triggered in the second row in this cycle, or


which will execute both plans in this cycle. In both cases the result will be

23.0   is NOT larger than 5
23.0   is NOT larger than 5