LightJason: First Releases Published at Maven Central

We are happy to announce that we just released our first packaged versions of AgentSpeak(L++) to maven central.

By creating releases of the two packages, development with LightJason/AgentSpeak(L++) becomes even easier: Instead of having to pre-build AgentSpeak by hand and installing it to the local repository (i.e. running mvn package install), it can now simply be added to the project’s dependencies, e.g.


Piece of cake.

With our switch towards releases we now fully embrace the git-flow paradigm (see → A successful Git branching model for details). The master branch now contains our current release version while ongoing development can be found in the developing branch.

We also updated and simplified our tutorial → Develop an AgentSpeak Scenario in 15 Minutes and added the new tutorial → How to Build AgentSpeak from Source to please developers who want to test bleeding-edge features before they get incorporated into a stable release.