Tutorial: How to Build AgentSpeak from Source

This tutorial explains how to build LightJason/AgentSpeak(L++) from source.

Following the git-flow paradigm (see → A successful Git branching model for details), the master branch contains our current releases while the developing branch contains the ongoing development.

Tools You Need

  • Working Maven greater than 3.0 installation.
  • Java JDK 1.9 installation which can be obtained here.
  • Git installation (optional, but recommended)
    • Linux: Installing git via your preferred package manager should be sufficient.
    • MacOS: Using Homebrew with brew install git.
    • Git for Windows

Build AgentSpeak(L++) from Source


  • Choose the right branch!

    • master → current release (default branch)
    • developingbleeding-edge development
  • Obtain the branch which is right for you by either downloading the corresponding ZIP-archive or change the branch inside the cloned git repository (git checkout <branchname>).

  • If you chose to download the ZIP-archive, be aware that the resulting directory will be AgentSpeak-<branchname>. Either rename it to AgentSpeak or keep this in mind in the following sections.

  • In this section we assume that you are working inside the directory Developer/. If you choose another directory, replace Developer/ accordingly.

  1. Obtain the current source code from AgentSpeak(L++) and place it into Developer/AgentSpeak. This can be done on the command line

    • either via Git

      cd Developer
      git clone https://github.com/LightJason/AgentSpeak.git

      (if you chose to obtain the bleeding-edge AgentSpeak, checkout the developing branch)

      cd AgentSpeak              
      git checkout developing
    • or by downloading the AgentSpeak-master.zip (or AgentSpeak-developing.zip) and extracting it to Developer/.

      cd Developer
      unzip AgentSpeak-master.zip     # or unzip AgentSpeak-developing.zip
      mv AgentSpeak-master AgentSpeak # or mv AgentSpeak-developing AgentSpeak

    You should now have the following directory structure:

    ├── Developer/
    │   └── AgentSpeak/      
  2. Change into the AgentSpeak project directory Developer/AgentSpeak and run mvn package install to build and install AgentSpeak:

    cd Developer/AgentSpeak
    mvn install

    AgentSpeak will be installed as a local maven artifact in the directory ~/.m2 and can be imported as a dependency by your project.

    The build process should terminate with a BUILD SUCCESS message.

  3. Add the installed AgentSpeak to your project by adding


    to the dependency section of your pom.xml. (Adjust version number if needed.)